Monday, August 18, 2008



Before you move any further, please spend 5 minutes to think about your teamwork experience, if you have any. Try to remember how is it like working with your team, is it full of joy and laughter, or is it all serious and i-mean-business environment, or is it depressing? Perhaps pathetic?

Well, what is teamwork exactly?
Do we really understand how teamwork works?
Probably, writing is not a very good way of express how wonderful teamwork is.

Let me show you show pictures.

How about working together with your enemy for the greater good?
Ops, sorry, for the greater food!!

How about helping those weaker than you to achieve something?

Every single person has a role in a team.

And together, they form the masterpiece!

Well, this pretty much explain everything about teamwork.

But think about it again, do you really practice teamwork while working with you team?
When there is problem, do you solve together as a team, or everyone starts pointing and blaming each other.

Have you experience any of the situation below?

1. "In a team, there is always one / two person doing most of the work"
quote from my lecturer
Are you the one?

2. If you teammate asked you to help them when you are very busy with your own work,
will you help?

3. Your teammate takes you for granted, only appreciate you when they know they are
going to lose you.

4. Teammates not doing what was agreed during the meeting and end up messing up the
whole project. Who should you blame? Or rather, what should you do, if this is
happening the whole time.

5. and the list goes on...

What else can i say? Needless to say, most of you here have tried working in a team. Teamwork is a collective effort whereby everyone works together to achieve the common goal bla bla bla. That is all crap!

I just realised recently that what matters the most is not the assignment / the project, but rather the people you work together with. Do they share the same vision as you? Do they
understand and willing to put in extra effort to achieve the goal?

My team, so far is a mix of good and bad apples. The good ones, i really appreciate them!
They are so motivated, helpful and possess great attitude. They are willing to learn anything
and doesn't mind doing extra work; The bad ones, we as a team try to help them. If they complain that they do not understand something, we give them advice and try to spend few hours daily to help them catch up. But what happen was they do not heed your advice and what they only know to do is to complain and complain. What else can we do?

Well, all i could say is, for those who are in a team, good luck with your teammates. They are the most valuable assets to a team, so get a good one!

Below is a video on what teamwork is about, a truly inspiring one!

A must watch i say!

The key to the ultimate success is through teamwork!
and of course, good teammates!

With your team,
1. help developing each other.
2. sacrifice indivual gain for the greater good.
3. See the bigger picture.
4. Credits must be given to the rightful teammate.
5. Learn to appreciate the effort put in by everyone.
6. Do not think that you are the only one who is working, everyone else is.
7. Lastly, enjoy with your team!


I like to express my gratitude and millions of thanks to my old teammates back in Tarc.
Sorry for all the trouble and pressure that i have caused, but now i know how lucky i am to be able to work with you guys there. Guess people only starts to appreciate things once they lose it huh?

Thanks to: kok siang, ming jin, chia loon, siong ming, clarence, shyh chyan, ch'ng tat, wilson, weng sheng, ah kiat, clarence, and the list goes on.

*the order of names are of no importance k. *

Geez, Wenqi now i understand how is it like when you are doing your group assignment back in Tarc. I must admit, you are superb, considering the fact that you are able to work in that situation for 2 years!!!!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Run KS Run!

Date: 1st August 2008
Time: 10.30pm

In Australia, i consider it dangerous to go out after 8pm, partially because it gets dark here at 6pm and the area i am staying right now, Kingsford, apparently has been unofficially declared as 'quite dangerous' area.

Note that i use the word 'quite' because so far i'm still safe haha. Anyway, so what am i doing so late? I was attending the Welcome Dinner organised by International Student Service (ISS). I'll continue with the details later, but the fact is i walked back from uni around 10.30pm, alone.

Hmm, quite daring huh? Well, as i walk, and walk, and walk.. i got this creepy feeling that someone is stalking me. OMG. I was so worried that i decided to walk in the middle of street! Anyway, there won't be any car moving around this late. And not to mention that i keep looking from side to side and glanced to my back every few seconds. Paranoid huh?

Well, in the end, i guess i couldnt stand it anymore. So yea, i did something really stupid.
I ran all the way back to my place, refusing to stop half way even though my lung is gasping for oxygen.. Well, i am probably the most stupid person on earth huh?

Anyway, i call that my first HOMERUN.. yay!

Guess what, one homerun might not be enough for me..
So i decided to go for my second homerun!

Date: 6 August 2008
Time: 11.00pm

I was attending my Golden Jubilee Award dinner. I'll post the details later, don't worry. Cut things short, i drank some white wine and champagne. But i am still sane k. Nothing went wrong or sorts. But then again, the function ended quite late and i am walking back again.

After my friends and i headed in different direction, the creepy sensation caught me again! Damn it.. why is it have to be me? Bla.. Same old story, screw the stalker (illusion). I ended up running all the way home. Sigh, there goes my second HOMERUN.

I wonder when will be my third? Anyone care to plan one for me?


Alright, that was the coward side of me ( at least i dare to admit i am a coward), so i deserve a praise or something right?

Been a wonderful week for me..
Activity 1: Welcome dinner by ISS

As mentioned previously, ISS organised a welcome party for freshies. The venue is Coogee Hotel. I thought it was supposed to be a hotel, well maybe not 5 star, but at least 3 star =P
However, i find myself end up in some sort of club..

Hey, seriously i am not a fan of clubbing, but i must admit that night was really enjoyable.
At least people in the club doesn't smoke (i am not discriminating against smokers, peace)
They started of with some ice breaking games, whereby we need to answer different question by asking the people around us.

And omg, almost all the people i encountered are postgraduate students.. Then followed by the Australia Dance, Limbo and more.. Well, the best part of the night was meeting people and yep, i get to know a few of them..

Group photo: (from left) Ash/Oliver[his name keeps changing], Mei Ling, Jan Nee, Ivan

Pretty much the same bunch of people. The guy in red jacket is Eugene and the guy on top right is Jonathan. Apparently, he was having fun with German Lady (but too bad she's taken d la bro).

She's the big sis.

Postgraduate from SMK DJ..

A fun night. That's all i can say.

Activity 2: Golden Jubilee Dinner

I was surprised when i received an invitation mail to the GJ dinner. Apparently all the GJ scholars (current and ex scholars) are invited at all. Wow, i get to meet my seniors!!

The dinner started off with a drinking session. Eugene, Mei Ling and i had some drinks while chatting with Assoc. Prof. Roger from faculty of science. First time i tasted white wine, not bad eh.. Upon finishing my drink, i was looking for mineral water and a waiter approached me. I saw this glass filled with some 'water-like' drink and grabbed it without second thought. Swt, i end up with another cup of wine =.=||

And guess what? I met Kok Fye aka KiF! Whoa, he is my senior from Tarc, also my angel (helps me alot throughout the entire GJ application). Thank you, aligato, terima kasih, xie xie and bla..

My friend and my saviour!

And the night goes on with the dinner la of course. That was the whole point of the dinner. Dinner = free food + drink. Something you must really appreciate here, considering the high currency conversion rate. So, MAKAN time peeps!

While i was busy enjoying my food, and entertaining Prof Michael Archer, Dean of Faculty of Science (no choice since i choose to sit beside him, he can really talk!), the mc announced the winner for some sort of contest where we are required to write about what Golden Jubilee meant to us.

It really surprise me when i am announced the winner and received $50 book voucher. (Why people still have the impression that GJ = books ??) Anyway, i have low resistance to free stuff, literally speaking. Who cares, i''ll just grab it then. Mei Ling is the second while Kif is the third prize winner.. Whoa.. all malaysians!

The night ended up some photo taking session and interacting session between all scholars!

Left - Prof. Michael Archer, Right - Assoc. Prof. Roger. They are nice people to chat with, but too bad both are from Faculty of Science. Otherwise, it's always good to know the big guys in your faculty right?

The three musketeers?
(more like the three malaysians haha)

Group photo

And.. the three winners of the night..!

Now, these are the bunch of people want to sue me... Grr..

Activity 3: Bodhi Nite rehearsal

For those who are wondering why i am into this, i want to clarify that i am not really a buddhist nor a christian, but their activities are fun!

So yeap, i volunteered as the backstage helper. The day was fun, got to know a lot of new guys.. and girls too. However, no photos taken as everyone takes the rehearsal seriously. Don't play play!

But much to my surprise, most of the members are actually indo-chinese. No offence, but aren't the member of buddhist club suppose to be students from china? Weird.

Luckily the event ended early and i managed to walk home around 7pm. Phew, no more homerun for me!


Now, here comes the complaining.

Damn, even though i can't catch up with my studies and all, i still volunteered =.=
But i believe somehow we must do something else rather than studying studying and studying.

Well, i am actually taking fluid mechanics, robot design, computing applications in mechatronics system, getting into business and managing your business. 5 subjects in total. Ouch! (note that robot design and comp application are year 3 subjects, i am in year 2)

But frankly speaking, robot design is giving me real headache! I know nothing about Matlab and control system at all. Damn it, I am so dead!! Gosh, i am considering to drop this subject if it is really too much for me.

Now, what should i do?

Give up? or fight?

Well, the answer is right there at the title of the post. I shall run! Not escaping, but to run the extra mile. While everyone can afford to study slowly and enjoy their life in Sydney, i shall dedicate myself to my study. I need encouragement!! Scold me, piss me, kick me, motivate me.. do anything to make me study please..

And some advice ..

1. Learn your basic and never memorise it! Understand it.
(back in tarc, whenever we encounter some really tough concepts, we choose to avoid it by
memorising ie. the centroid part. Well, i am suffering the consequences now)

2.Learn Matlab
(This is a good software, seriously. People thought it is meant for engineering students
only. NO! Even people from finance are using this as well.)

3.Come to UNSW at Session 1!!
(DON'T come at session 2. I regretted it! For engineering students come during session 1.
Otherwise, you will be having the same problem as me. Screw the timetable!)

Well, anyway interested in coming over UNSW, call me anytime you want. I'll be glad to help you.


Im so dead!

Cheer for me, will ya?